What is the Club AVANI?

FROM AVANI, WITH LOVE! What’s better than eating one of AVANI Bars? Receiving automatic, monthly deliveries of AVANI Bars, that’s what! Tantalize your taste buds and treat yourself (or someone else) to our fabulously flavorful and nutritious varieties on a monthly basis by subscribing to Club AVANI.

Not only will you save 15%, but you’ll also get your favorite AVANI flavors sent right to your doorstep every month. You can subscribe to as little as one box of dozen bars (but who can eat just one box a month?!) or as many as your belly can handle! Plus, when your order exceeds $35 in value, shipping is FREE (in the continental United States, only!). With our Club AVANI, you're free to choose to subscribe however you want.

  1. When you’re ready, visit the page of your favorite bars flavor, select your preferred quantity, click the "Subscription" option, and then “add to cart”.
  2. Want to add a different flavor or product? Visit your next favorite flavor (or flavors!) and follow Step 1 until your cart is filled with a month’s worth of bars!
  3. Checkout when you’re ready and every month you’ll automatically receive a box of AVANI nirvana!

Being part of the Club AVANI offers more than just bars, because we’re always filling our Club deliveries with special goodies. Whether it be a weight loss suggestion, or a sneak peek of a new flavor we’re experimenting with – we’re sure you’ll look forward to what’s inside.