Avani in Sanskrit is the word for Earth,... yes Mother Earth, the only one that provides the necessities for comfortable, peaceful, and healthy lives.  Our number one priority at Avani is to assist people in attaining a healthier lifestyle consuming simple foods from nature. The majority of processed foods in the market today are far removed from the actual ingredients provided by nature. Packages bearing “all-natural” labels frequently reveal long lists of ingredients that would make one run to a dictionary or a scientific journal. At AVANI, we commit to only make foods that are wholesome and basic - the simpler the better (yup..that means Non-GMO). With obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure on the rise, people have to be constantly reminded to eat better. Our science thus far labels a lot of diseases as auto-immune since we do not yet understand our immune system, however correlations have been found to the increased consumption of processed foods for a lot of them. Hence we believe it is our duty to remind people that choosing nature’s simple, satisfying foods is imperative to leading a healthier lifestyle. 

Most food companies spend a large portion of their revenue on advertising, but here at AVANI we let our products speak for themselves. we invest all our proceeds into making our high quality products more affordable.

How AVANI got its start

There is no epiphany or some sensational story behind the brand. It is like most things on earth an evolution. Our founders were just another husband and wife team with two kids in suburban Dallas, who were on a constant quest to protect their kids from the processed junk food that fills our world, constantly barraging us with visual, auditory and olfactory cues. Lucky for them, their parents were multi-generational farmers growing orchards of nut trees, fruit trees and coconut groves. Eating natural and staying healthy was just second nature. However being a working mom and father on-the-go, the convenience of traditional snack items was indeed attractive, but they grew tired of the dry, bland taste of the healthier snacks and repulsed by the additives and refined sugars in others. Their concern for health and something 'kid'elicious left them totally disillusioned and challenged them to get back to their roots.

Thus was born AVANI, with recipes that trace back to their orchards and the delicacies that were handmade from the sun-dried nuts and fruits to enjoy throughout the year. AVANI bars are now made in a small commercial kitchen in Irving, Texas rather than in the home kitchen in which it began; They are still made in discontinuous small batches, thus avoiding use of any emulsifiers and other additives that are typically characteristic of automated production lines. Each member of AVANI's management and staff is dedicated to providing healthy, simple, and truly all-natural snacks.